Google believes in the mutually beneficial partnership with newspapers

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Philipp SchindlerPhilipp Schindler, the Vice President of Google for Northern and Central Europe is another Google representative (right after Carlo d’Asaro Biondo) who believes in the mutual partnership with the newspapers. Philipp Schindler spoke about how he sees this partnership with newspapers during the World Editors Forum in Hamburg. Read more

INMA/OPA Europe conference starts in Krakow this week

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The Main Market Square of Krakow (Photo by gi_theWhite/Flickr)More than 310 editors and managers of leading news media from Europe and the world will arrive this week to Krakow (Poland) for the annual conference of the INMA/OPA Europe. Read more

Newspapers can help schools to enter the digital age

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Photo illustration by Demotywatory.plToday’s pupils are the first generation that does not remember the world before the Internet revolution. But our schools got stuck in the “chalk age”. What newspapers can do about it? Read more

Is iPhone a panacea for newsmedia digital revenues?

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Mark Challinor, director of mobile at the Daily Telegraph (UK), answers to the question: does the success of the iPhone represent the answer to future digital revenue streams for newsmedia companies? Read more

The mobile future of newspapers

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New York Times app on iPad. Photo by AppleNewspapers have been looking for the Holy Graal for a long time. Finally, a new breed of mobile reading devices makes some publishers believe they are the future. Let’s have a look beyond the hype about iPads. Read more

Print is still the best business model

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De Persgroep's portfolio

De Persgroep's portfolio

It is the best time ever to invest in newspapers and the best time to look back on hypes that never materialized, a fresh look at the business models of newspapers, mobile, internet, free newspaper, etc. but especially a story about the passion for the most beautiful medium on earth. De Persgroep made the largest newspaper investment in Europe in 2009 by buying PCM Uitgevers, editor of AD, NRC, Volkskrant en Trouw. Xavier Verellen, the Chief Commercial Officer of De Persgroep (Belgium) spoke about it on the second day of the INMA Outlook 2010 conference in Liverpool. Read more

The good and bad times for Southern African newspapers

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Junkmail's free classifieds website

Junkmail's free classifieds website

The world is changing, and classifieds are changing the world for publishers as well. Felix Erken, the Chief Executive Officer of Junkmail in South Africa who spoke at INMA/OPA Outlook 2010 conference on Thursday, experienced it with his newspapers. Read more

The personalised newspaper is here

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wanjaWanja Oberhof, the founder of Niiu spoke today during the INMA Outlook 2010 conference in Liverpool, about his idea of creating the first personalised printed daily. The works are in a very advanced stage and the conference attendees actually had the chance to hold and look at this new invention.
Read more

Personal daily: brand Niiu day for the printed press

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niiu_logo1An idea of a personalized newspaper should not sound new to anyone. How do most people get their news from the internet? Do they still browse the universe of webpages? Read more

Danny Lein: successful mobile sites of newspapers

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Recently launched mobile site of De Standaard quickly reached top 10 list of sites in Belgium. Only portals of mobile operators are larger, says Danny Lein of MobileWeb. Read more