Publishers must know their readers in order to grow

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Bernard Asselin During the 2010 INMA/OPA Europe Conference in Krakow, Bernard Asselin (Montreal Gazette), Koen Meeusen (Belgium), and Paul Westhorpe (Prisa Digital) shared their experience about attracting and quantifying the audience across different plantforms. After reading the following three posts one most important conclusion should be taken out: UNDERSTAND YOUR READER! Bernard Asselin, Vice-President for Marketing and Reader Sales, at The Gazette, Canada proved why thinking outside of the box is so important for news publishers. Read more

Accidental journalism: lessons for newsmedia

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President dies in a plane crash. Flood hits the country. When news breaks, it’s a moment of truth for all newsmedia — run by professional journalists with a legacy and those amateurs turned into accidental reporters. Read more

Agora will support innovative internet entrepreneurs

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Startupfest.pl12,5 thousand Euro in cash plus advertising campaign worth 25 thousand Euro – this is the main prize in Startup Fest – a competition for independent internet entrepreneurs organized by Agora. Read more

Newspapers can help schools to enter the digital age

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Photo illustration by Demotywatory.plToday’s pupils are the first generation that does not remember the world before the Internet revolution. But our schools got stuck in the “chalk age”. What newspapers can do about it? Read more

Newspaper challenged by an amateur blogger

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Flood in Kozanow, a district of Wroclaw, May 2010. Photo by Asia, a reader of a blog Wroclawzwyboru.blox.plPoland’s Gazeta Wyborcza believes it helps to build an open society by providing platforms for debates and inspiring readers concerned with a common good. Sometimes readers take an opportunity and start competing with their own newspaper. Read more

Ad campaigns: how newspapers go beyond print

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Ad campaign: Wyborcza is for choiceA new branding ad campaign of Poland’s newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza shows it is no longer a paper only. It’s a website, a mobile app. It’s a news-multi-medium. Read more

Should the content in 2010 be journalism?

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gazetaWhen circulation and advertising revenues go down, editors cannot hide behind their wall. What you could and should expect from your newsroom to respond to the rapid change in readers’ and advertisers’ needs? Grzegorz Piechota, Vice President, INMA Europe, and Specials Projects Editor in Agora (Poland) gave some ideas and examples from the best read daily newspaper in Poland (in both print and online). Read more

Fill the niches! Online strategy of Agora, Poland

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Tomasz Józefacki, the President of OPA Europe, and Vice President and Head of Internet Division in Agora (Poland), spoke during the Outlook INMA 2010 conference in Liverpool about the greatest challenges for online publishers in Europe. Interview recorded by Artur Karda from Media Regionalne, Poland.

Greatest challenges for online publishers

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tom_jozefackiTomasz Józefacki, the President of OPA Europe, and Vice President and Head of Internet Division in Agora (Poland) spoke today during the INMA/OPA Outlook 2010 conference about the greatest challenges for online publishers in Europe and how they are dealt with at Poland’s leading media group Agora. Highlights include insights and case studies on multimedia, local markets, and monetisation from the company whose fast-growing online brands reach today nearly half of all Polish internet users. Read more

Stanislaw Lem’s unpublished works discovered

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Stanislaw Lem: photo from 1966. Courtesy of Wojciech Zemek, via WikipediaNewspaper’s idea to publish a collection of the greatest works by a science-fiction writer Stanislaw Lem helped to discover his unpublished opera on Stalin. Read more