World on the brink of a cold war

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Russian TV: Russian soldiers and a body of a dead GeorgianPoland’s Gazeta Wyborcza has just started a new series of features that tell the story of recent war in Georgia from many different perspectives: Georgian, Russian, American, Polish, French, German, Ukrainian and Belarussian ones. Read more

Free falling from the sky

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Being an editor in these hectic days when analysts and journalists so much love „internet-kills-the-press” talk isn’t easy. Have you ever thought people in other industries may feel worse than you?

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Welcome to Europe

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The command center at the Landstuhl hospital. Miguel Cubano who coordinates the transport of wounded soldiers shows the board with detailed schedules. On this day there were 8 new patients expected from Aghanistan and 10 from IraqWhen many newspapers around the world cut their foreign coverage, Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza invests in it for a good reason. Read more

For some the rich is the new poor

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Magnum agency photographer Martin Parr argues that to regain the attention and support of mainstream press photojournalists have to ”get modern”: stop ”trying to change the world” and ”disguise things as entertainment.”

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Seven choices of Lech Walesa

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Despite of harsh relations between Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza and Lech Walesa, the newspaper defended Mr. Walesa against recent accusations of his collaboration with the Communist secret service.
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Where are you, father?

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Cartoon on fatherhood (in Polish)Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza started a serious debate about the absence of the father, his disappearance from family life, his atrophying ties with his own children. It started with a poll.
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Letter to the Father

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Writing letters to fathers served as a national therapy for Poles. What a burden people bear, as they write to the newspaper: ”Thank you for the oppportunity to make a confession”?
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The Church’s Sinful Secret

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Father Marcin Mogielski who fought for priest's victims Many priests knew about it, as did three bishops. For years, the horrible truth could not be revealed – an investigative story about how the Catholic Church covered up a child-molestation scandal in Poland.
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In-paper promotion for “Parents back to school” series

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Three days before Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza launched its “Parents back to school” series, it run a full page promo ad in the main section.

Promo ad: Rehearsals for parents
It reads:

Rehearsals for Parents
Was and Sterlingow go back to school
After 30 years we do homework again, we write tests, we answer at the class board. We thought that today children have easier than before. On Monday we will tell you how it is.
Tests for parents, advice – in Gazeta Wyborcza from Monday
Check if you can help your kid in learning!

Would you like to learn more about this series? Read here.

Parents back to school!

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Gazeta's reporters go back to school after 30 yearsImagine that: after 30 years you go back to school. You must do your homework again, write exam tests, answer to teachers’ questions in front of your class. Are you ready?

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