Newspapers can help schools to enter the digital age

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Photo illustration by Demotywatory.plToday’s pupils are the first generation that does not remember the world before the Internet revolution. But our schools got stuck in the “chalk age”. What newspapers can do about it? Read more

Ad campaigns: how newspapers go beyond print

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Ad campaign: Wyborcza is for choiceA new branding ad campaign of Poland’s newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza shows it is no longer a paper only. It’s a website, a mobile app. It’s a news-multi-medium. Read more Talent Manifesto

October 23, 2008 by · 1 Comment weekly in print”On one hand the war for talent in Belgium is over. People decide were they want to work. They have a choice. But 50,000 job openings are not being filled in our country! There is a shrinking working population. We call that the talent paradox.” Read more

How to change our newspaper’s image

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Bernard Asselin, Vice President of the Gazette in Canada”When you try to change an image of a newspaper with a marketing campaign, changes in its content must follow. Otherwise there would be a disconnection between the new image and the content,” says Bernard Asselin, Vice President of The Gazette in Canada. Read more

The Testimony about Pope John Paul II

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John Paul II visits Warsaw in 1991. Photo by Slawomir Sierzputowski, Gazeta WyborczaPoland’s Gazeta Wyborcza co-produced a new documentary movie on John Paul II. Its worldwide premiere will be held in Vatican on Oct. 16, 2008, in the presence of pope Benedict XVI, writes Malgorzata Skowronska, Gazeta’s special project manager. Read more

Times of India speaks from the heart

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Screenshot from the TV spot of the Times of India featuring India's leading actor Amitabh Bachhan”In our campaigns – rather than talk about the newspaper, we try and be the platform or the presenter of ideas that come from the readers’ own lives, reflect their hopes, aspirations,” says Rahul Kansal, the chief marketing officer at the Times of India. Read more

How to win young readers?

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Kids playing football in Mini-Euro organized by Gazeta Wyborcza in Gdansk, Northern Poland / Photo by Gazeta“We do not believe in stereotypes that today’s young people do not read and are not interested in the world. And we prove it,” Ewa Tomaszewicz of Gazeta Wyborcza tells the full story of the World Young Reader Newspaper of the Year. Read more

INMA brings Indian passion to Vienna

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Lead India: an inspirational campaign by the Times of IndiaRahul Kansal, chief marketing officer at the Times of India, will be a special guest of the INMA Outlook 2009: European Conference in Vienna on October 1-3, 2008. Read more

Marriage story of Brigita and Julius

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Respublika: merged supplements Brigita and JuliusLithuanian daily Respublika has relaunched its weekend supplements: Brigita (for women) and Julius (for men). Here is the recipe for a perfect newspaper supplement advertising campaign, writes Ramune Vaiciulyte, editor-in-chief of Respublika. Read more

Stickers against Chinese policy

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Protest sticker created by Emil CegielskiThis campaign was invented and run by readers themselves. They gave an idea to newspaper’s editors, sent content and created a community.

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