VICE: Changing of the guard in media for generation Y

March 25, 2014 by · 2 Comments 

Carsten Kritscher, Commercial Director, VICE Media (Germany) shared during Digital Innovators Summit how his company has collaborated with forward thinking brands to form unique partnerships and develop cutting-edge, disruptive solutions for their needs. Read more

Condé Nast – Programmatic ad transactions for publishers

March 25, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

At Digital Innovators Summit, Rick Welch, Head of Programmatic Sales, Condé Nast (USA) provided an overview of the programmatic ad landscape, and ways magazine media companies can approach building programmatic capability. Read more

The Onion’s evolution towards digital only publication

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Steve Hannah shared at the Digital Innovators Summit how they have transformed their weekly newspaper into a 24/7 digital media brand with new business models while staying true to their core brand. Read more

Staying on the interactive marketing rocket – discussion

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Online adverting and marketing continues to increase its share of global advertising budgets. This session of Digital Innovators Summit featured the perspectives of global brands and a publisher on the state of online marketing – trends, what is working, where it is going and what publishers need to do to stay in the game. Read more

Making the most out of Facebook

March 24, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

How can media companies best make use of this social network with its more than one billion monthly users? Andy Mitchell talked during Digital Innovators Summit about the latest developments at Facebook that benefit media companies as well as effective ways publishers can work with Facebook. Read more

Cool is not an accident – how to make videos go viral

March 24, 2014 by · 2 Comments 

You don’t have to wait for some happy coincidence to get a video that spreads across social media like a wildfire – you can make one yourself! Award winning and provocative director Joseph Wade (Don’t Panic, UK) talked during the Digital Innovators Summit conference about how to create multimedia content that people really want to share – even if it’s branded. Read more

Fædrelandsvennen – All access success

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In May of 2012, Fædrelandsvennen launched a new business model. Speaking at the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin, News Editor Christian Stavik reported his newspaper now has 75% coverage in its core market, which is the entire country of Finland. Read more

BildPlus: Getting users to pay

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After two years of preparations, the leading German media brand BILD launched its paid product “BILD plus” in June 2013. Donata Hopfen, The CEO of Bild Digital shared insights into their experiences and results. Read more

Juan Señor: Digital innovations in magazine media

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Juan Señor, Partner (UK), Innovation Media Consulting Group presented intriguing developments in magazine media at the Digital Innovators Summit. The editors from Innovation Media Consulting have scoured the industry to compile a book “Innovations in Magazines 2014″. Read more

NowThisNews: Native storytelling for mobile and social

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How do you reach a new generation of users that is constantly on their mobile phones and spends much of their time on the latest apps and social networks like SnapChat, Vine, Instagram and YouTube, or at least Facebook and Twitter? Ed O’Keefe, Editor-in-Chief, NowThis News (USA) had some tips for participants of Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin. Read more