Digital first means mobile first in Göteborg Posten

September 27, 2012 by  

Martin Holmberg (picture by Brie Logsdon)

Martin Holmberg, Director of Digital Development, Göteborg Posten, Sweden is another speaker who gave a very interesting presentation during the INMA 2012 conference in Hague. He spoke bout how important is mobile strategy to him and his company.
Göteborgs-Posten characteristics:

  • local morning paper
  • second largest in Sweden
  • owned by Stampen Group
  • Located in Gothenburg
  • 220.000 circulation
  • 500.000 unique users each week

They had been working on the mobile for a long time. Started with SMS news, then the first mobile site was born in 2005. Also in 2005 a sport app appeared but it was too early and reached 5 subscribers only. In 2008 they updated the mobile site. 2010 was the year when they started working on mobile in the real way. The tablet was a hype in Sweden, and Goteborgs Posten chose the mobile way, against all tablet trends. They simply didn’t have the resources to do both.

They now have:

  • iPhone app: 160.000 downloads
  • Android app: 45.000 downloads
  • Windows app: 2.000 downloads

Those numbers prove they were right. Not only that – this yeart mobile won the summer Olympics, with 60% of visits on news sites came from mobile devices. This proves a new behavior is born also in Sweden – mobile first.

Why an iPhone app? To:

  • strengthen the brand
  • have automatic publication
  • use the possibilities an app gives
  • have unique content
  • start to get new useful experiences

They did it in 2 steps:

  • build reach successfully
  • capitalize on the traffic

Primary goal was to reach 3.500 downloads in the first 2 months. They reached 35.000 people instead. Mobile explosion was there.

The business model of Goteborgs Posten: the core is free. They started to experiment and to invent some paid content – they are thinking about delivering paid content within the app. The paid content in GP is:

  • unique digital content
  • available both online and mobile
  • 23 000 members, majority print subscribers
  • 600 unique subscribers
  • It was the first attempt

Daily iPhone tip (GP found a blogger who would be doing that as short tips for iPhone users):

  • 1,5 Euro pay 3 months
  • No extra cost for the newsroom
  • 1000 subscribers

Done so far:

  • built reach successfully for a local paper
  • alternative for all platforms
  • launched bigger ads formats
  • established in-app purchases

But the big question remains: how to increase mobile revenues without loosing higher revenues from print?


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