Co-promotion with comic strip books (case study from Ekstra Bladet)

September 27, 2012 by  

Nana Grew (picture by Brie Logsdon)

Curated comic strips by famed cartoonist Morten Ingemann create a new revenue generator that boosts brand, circulation (+5%), and revenue even in a saturated market. Nana Grew, Project Manager, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark showed this case study during the INMA 2012 European Conference in Hague.

The Market:

  • co-promotions to stabilize the declining circulation
  • saturated market
  • decreasing effect of co-promotional campaigns

The Solution:
something new, unique, hard to copy, Ekstra Bladet-like, with broad appeal to cater to the summer segments, suitable for the season (not a DVD).

The Product:
six individually themed comic strip books by Danish famous cartoonist. Exclusive with Ekstra Bladet every Friday for 4,5 Euro from July 1st to August 5th.

  • national 3 week television spot
  • print ads in Ekstra Bladet
  • banners
  • editorial coverage


  • 5% increase in newspaper sales
  • creating 135.00 Euro in revenues
  • creating value for readers
  • increasing brand awareness and liking
  • improve relationship with retailers


  • use exclusive rights to create uniqueness and distiguishment
  • natural extension of brand in order to support brand image
  • re-use existing material to keep the costs low


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