Kev Anderson after rejection o…

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Kev Anderson after rejection of Sports Illustrated’s iPad app: will Apple’s obstinacy become self-defeating?

Is rejection of Sports Illustr…

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Is rejection of Sports Illustrated’s iPad app a sign of problems newspaper, magazine publishers will have with Apple?

Sramana Mitra: The iPad effect…

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Sramana Mitra: The iPad effect on 2 newspaper companies: NYT Co & Gannett (thx Pit Gottschalk)

Newspapers can help schools to enter the digital age

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Photo illustration by Demotywatory.plToday’s pupils are the first generation that does not remember the world before the Internet revolution. But our schools got stuck in the “chalk age”. What newspapers can do about it? Read more

Is iPhone a panacea for newsmedia digital revenues?

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Mark Challinor, director of mobile at the Daily Telegraph (UK), answers to the question: does the success of the iPhone represent the answer to future digital revenue streams for newsmedia companies? Read more

Hunting the elusive online business model in news

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Do throw spaghetti to the wall! It’s just one piece of advice that prof. George Brock of the City University in London, a former Saturday editor of the Times, offers to news publishers. Read more

What drives Daily Telegraph, El Pais, Le Monde and New York Times to Krakow?

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Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow, Poland. Photo courtesy of the Municipality of Krakow80+ delegates from 35 different European newsmedia companies have already registered to the INMA/OPA Europe Conference in Krakow, Poland (Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2010). Read more

Bloomberg: Monocle’s editor sa…

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Bloomberg: Monocle’s editor says its summer printed newspaper is an `anti-iPad device’ (video: about 2:30)

Newspaper challenged by an amateur blogger

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Flood in Kozanow, a district of Wroclaw, May 2010. Photo by Asia, a reader of a blog Wroclawzwyboru.blox.plPoland’s Gazeta Wyborcza believes it helps to build an open society by providing platforms for debates and inspiring readers concerned with a common good. Sometimes readers take an opportunity and start competing with their own newspaper. Read more

Ad campaigns: how newspapers go beyond print

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Ad campaign: Wyborcza is for choiceA new branding ad campaign of Poland’s newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza shows it is no longer a paper only. It’s a website, a mobile app. It’s a news-multi-medium. Read more