VICE: Changing of the guard in media for generation Y

Carsten Kritscher, Commercial Director, VICE Media (Germany) shared during Digital Innovators Summit how his company has collaborated with forward thinking brands to form unique partnerships and develop cutting-edge, disruptive solutions for their needs. The algorithmically confounding exponential growth of the internet has challenged all of our previous marketing “givens.” Not only has it rewritten most of the rules in media, it has also changed the playing field. Because of this revolution and the rise of … Continue Reading →

Pit Gottschalk: how much transformed is your newsroom? (video)

Pit Gottschalk, Head of CEO Office in Axel Springer (Germany), was one of the speakers at the INMA European Conference in Cascais, Portugal (19-21 October 2011). Watch Pit explain his measurement system of newsroom transformation process. Pit Gottschalk studied over 50 newspaper newsrooms in Germany and prepared report helping media managers to compare their improvements with other players on the newspaper market. Now, he is rolling out the analysis to other countries. If you would … Continue Reading →

AdTaily – when a reader becomes an advertiser

Jakub Krzych is the man who stands behind – one of the 20 most innovative startups in Europe, according to CNBC. The platform was also called the most democratising promise of online advertising. Jakub introduced the guests of INMA/OPA Europe conference to the idea of the new online advertising system – AdTaily. AdTaily is a startup founded 1,5 year ago. It allows people who are used to advertise in traditional newspapers to move online … Continue Reading → How amateurs produce valuable journalism

Two weeks before the start of the INMA / OPA Outlook 2010 conference, Forum4Editors is here with the series of exlusive interviews. The speakers who will be presenting their ideas during the conference agreed to answer few questions about what they do best, and what, in their opinion, is the best strategy to develop the best relation with their readers. First in the series is Benoît Raphaël, the Editor in Chief of, a subsidiary … Continue Reading →

When views matter as much as news

Updated: When these newspapers hit newsstands and subscribers’ homes, everybody has already known what happened. So what has mattered more? (Read some reactions to this post below.) The US single day front pages featuring the same photo of Elizabeth Rose, a specialist at the Lehman Brothers, prove what a commodity the news becomes nowadays. UK Guardian’s blogger Roy Greenslade writes in his weekly column at the London Evening Standard: ”The collapse of Lehman Brothers was … Continue Reading →

US Odyssey of the Guardian’s blogger

Armed with a laptop and a mobile phone with built-in GPS and a photo camera, Kevin Anderson, the Blogs Editor for the UK Guardian newspaper goes to the United States to understand presidential elections and start a debate. Kevin will drive 6400 kilometres (4000 miles) to learn what is guiding American voters’ decisions, to explain their concerns and hopes to the Guardian’s readers and the rest of the world while also bringing voices from around … Continue Reading →